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That? ASEA!

Why network marketing?

Asea is a network marketing company, with the goal of being recognized as a global leader in cellular health on redox-based technologies, as well as to create a global distribution of its life-changing products, financial expediency and culture. For this, network marketing is ideal.

Asea’s mission is to improve people’s lives and strives to make the world a better place.


What makes ASEA extra special?

The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation supports charities such as school building in underdeveloped areas in South America and has started sponsoring Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) training for new police dogs. Once trained, these dogs can quickly find small storage devices that are difficult to see and used to contain illegal photos and crucial evidence for convicting child traffickers.
The project in Cambodia to supply the villages with wells is also supported by Asea. Thanks to this project, the villages will have access to pure, potable water.

With every order from Asea you can contribute to the Advancing Life Foundation and with every contribution you make, Asea makes its own contribution on top of it. Even without an order you can support the foundation.



For Asea, ethos is a hugely important issue. The emphasis is on sharing great products and financial opportunities, not sales. The cliché image of overnight success and big egos doesn’t fit into this business.

Asea is a sustainable and stable company in which the managers are also ordinary, pure and sweet people. They speak to everyone and are down to earth. Each convention starts with an inspiring training on ethos, how to become the best version of yourself and how you can also help your team with that.


Work with beautiful products

What is Asea? Asea is a supplement with redox signal molecules. These molecules are produced by the mitochondria of our cells and are in the service of cell communication. This cell communication ensures that when body tissue is damaged, the body knows where to repair or clean up damaged cells and replace it with new cells.

Our bodies make these redox signal molecules themselves, but as we age, we make less and less of these molecules. As a result, we recover more slowly, ignite wounds more often, we are stiff after greater efforts, we are tired faster and we need more sleep to recover. Taking Asea will make your body younger again and so you will recover faster (whether it’s from sports, other exertion, inflammation or surgery), and you’ll be more in your strength. Your immune system improves, your hormone production is better regulated, the gene function is increased and your stamina also improves.

With Asea’s patented technique, this is the only product in the world that contains redox signal molecules!

Meanwhile, there are also several products from Asea, including dietary supplements and skin care products. These are designed to support optimal cell health. Asea is completely organic, gluten-free and free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms).


Wat means this way of working for

  • You choose the way you work
  • You can get creative with it
  • You’re free, but you belong to a bigger picture.
  • No 9-to-5 job: you choose which hours you work
  • You choose who you work with
  • You choose where you work


Your top qualities

Do you like to be active at work? Or do you just have a great insight into how the marketing plan works. Maybe you like to explain the science behind the products or are you just very good at motivating people? Are you great at marketing via Instagram, Facebook and other social media?

Good news, you don’t have to control it all! Just because we form a group, we don’t have to excel in ANY part. Together we form a great group where everyone can use their top qualities.

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