Marisa uit Mexico

I have to thank Niki and all of her help because she helped me transform my life!

Before my session with her I was feeling really helpless, hopeless, not good enough. Generally, in my life but mainly I was struggling to take action and hustle on getting my business to a more stable and constant place.

I was feeling and telling myself things like how can others do it so easily but I can´t? I never do things right, others are hustling but not me, others are getting results but not me. They can but I can´t and mostly overthinking a lot and having endless negative thinking loops. All of this made me feel like things were harder, I was really stressed and felt low a lot of the time.

After my session with her I was feeling more much energized and happier. A lot of things started to change in my life. At the time I was looking to move to a better house and things just worked out perfectly. I was feeling more confident about myself that I could make things work.

My creativity boosted and I started to have business ideas that felt like what I truly wanted to do, work on and felt comfortable doing. Now, I know that if I put and idea into action it will work out. I started to contact people that could help my business ideas become a reality (taking action!), trusting my decisions more and now I really enjoy the process. Before I would pressure myself with time but now I know it is a process that I enjoy and I am more patient with myself.

There are no words to describe how much you helped me. Thank you for your guidance and patience before, throughout the session and after. I really wish everything you wish for comes true, that you have all the love and happiness in your life.

– Marisa N. 


testimonial energie


Anderhalve maand geleden kwam ik bij Niki omdat mijn energieniveau zo ontzettend laag was.

Voldoende slaap, gezond eten en zelfs bewegen hielpen me niet. Met als gevolg dat ik slecht voor mezelf zorgde: veel snoepen, geen beweging, en hele dagen op de bank.

Gedurende de sessie bleek dat het aan iets heel anders lag. Niet iets fysieks, maar iets mentaals. Heel lang heb ik mijn hart niet gevolgd en alhoewel ik dat sinds een half jaar wel doe doe, bleef ik me futloos voelen. Jarenlang niet doen wat ik eigenlijk wilde doen, heeft me uitgeput. En nu ik eindelijk deed wat ik wilde doen, had ik geen vertrouwen in mijzelf, alsof ik niet mocht geloven dat mijn leven eindelijk gaat zoals ik het zou willen.

Onder Niki’s professionele en warme begeleiding heb ik afscheid genomen van die oude overtuigingen en gedachtes.

Dit was duidelijk een proces waar mijn geest en lichaam even aan moesten wennen, maar sinds drie weken loop ik over van energie.
Alsof ik op een wolk zit. Ik sport weer, ben vrolijk, eet wat ik wil (veelal gezond), slaap niet veel, maar ben niet echt moe. En het mooiste: mijn relatie is opgebloeid en mijn project qua werk/droom gaat als de brandweer. Zo soepel, zo makkelijk, zo veel plezier. Lieve Niki, dank voor je hulp, je begeleiding en je fijne stem op de persoonlijke audio recording. Ik voel me echt geweldig, eindelijk!!

Wil je jezelf beter voelen, ga naar Niki. Je bent er in goede handen en ze creëert een warme omgeving waar je je veilig kunt uiten en ontwikkelen. Ik raad haar met heel mijn hart aan 💞



My issue was procrastination, it really got in the way of my daily life. It developed into escapism and in the end it felt like self-sabotage.
Niki made me feel comfortable talking about it in the intake conversation and she had a really gentle approach in helping me with overcoming this issue.
The session and the recording were very helpful and her voice was soothing.
After listening to the recording for 21 days to get it programmed into my system, I felt tremendously relieved to have the sense of freedom returned into my life.
I recommend Niki with heartfelt gratitude for erasing this troublesome challenge: sending it back to the past so my future will be lighter and brighter.
Thank you Niki!
Marja, The Netherlands


Dipti uit Indië

I really enjoyed working with Niki Van Oppens. She was genuinely concerned about my issues of making my business extraordinary successful. I felt motivated and inspired. She helped me to look at my childhood and at my life differently; by asking questions I have not thought of asking myself, naming the obvious but somehow forgotten; by pointing out patterns that were destructive and helping me to understand where they came from and how to change them. It was thoroughly insightful and satisfying experience. I have also seen a dramatic improvement in my confidence at work and am able to take a calmer approach to solving problems. I have been feeling much more motivated and have received some positive feedback on the proactive work I’ve been doing as a result.

Thanks again for all your help. It really has made such a difference.”

Seeking therapy session from Niki at the time that I did was the best thing I have done, and I can say, wholeheartedly, that I have not felt this clear and aligned to a recognizable version of a happier me for an exceptionally long time. I would recommend Niki to anyone.


Dipti Gandhi