Being Unstoppable

This track is for you if you have had enough of

that self-sabotage and want to finally make a real breakthrough.


Exclusive 1:1 program

You recognise this?

On paper, you have everything you need to get along in society: you have a job, a roof over your head, a relationship and a dog and maybe children. And still you are not quite happy.

It feels like you are missing a piece somehow somewhere, like you are incomplete.

You’re always busy making everyone think you’re doing well and you’re a real goal-getter, but what you see yourself doing is that you seem to be standing still and not getting ahead. You are so busy that you cannot do what it takes for what you really want to achieve.


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Or is it rather this?

You are a surfer or other athlete who knows exactly what to do and no matter how much you practice, it just won’t work.

There are 2 common patterns here:

A: You know what to do and how often you should train, but you can’t get yourself to do it, or,

B: You know what you need to do and how often you need to train and you do it, but every time you do something wrong. And this happens especially when it really has to work: when you are in the water with your surfboard or when you play a match in your sport.

Niki - RTT therapist

Why me and why this programme?

With the Being Unstoppable programme, I have already been able to help several people for a variety of issues. I have helped a client for his self-sabotage in the areas of health and career, a girl who did not dare to go to football training, as well as someone who wanted to rebuild herself after a relationship with a narcissistic husband. In short, this programme helps you make a breakthrough in your life.

I launched this programme in the fall of 2021 with these goals:

  1. Empower your self-confidence and self-esteem,
  2. Find the cause of your self-sabotage and break the pattern,
  3. Putting a clear vision first so that you not only know what you want, but also what it takes to achieve it,
  4. Turning your brain into your very best friend.



Niki - RTT therapist

Why did I found this important?

For years, I myself bumped up against a wall of self-sabotage, my self-confidence was low, I didn’t really know 100% what I wanted which meant I was distracted more often and sometimes took unnecessary courses and preoccupied myself with things that were never going to take me towards my goal. I often felt that I couldn’t even count on myself and that I was quite alone.

Over the years, I learnt where I was bumping into things and that my self-talk was holding me back. I discovered that if I not only changed my self-talk, but also applied certain principles, a transformation would happen inside myself and I could move forward. I have therefore incorporated these principles into this programme.

These principles help you understand yourself better and you can use them consciously. This allows you to discover that you have more influence on your thoughts, feelings, actions and therefore also your results. Knowing that what you do makes sense and leads to positive results makes you trust yourself again.

I developed this programme because I believe that everyone deserves to know these things and that everyone deserves to achieve their dreams and goals.

I am also convinced that if everyone could do that, our society would be a lot happier, relationships would run better and that children could grow up with unlimited self-confidence.

Niki - RTT therapist

What are we going to do?

We start with an intake interview where we set clear goals of what you want to achieve and how you want to feel.

After this we plan an RTT session. We will tackle your inner saboteurs and take the first steps so that your new insights can be converted into reality.

Following this, we plan 3 coaching sessions (Rapid Transformational Coaching) to put the new insights you have gained during the RTT session into practice and to take targeted actions.

During the 2nd RTT session we build on the transformation you are making. We also provide 2 hours for this.

Also after the 2nd RTT session we schedule 3 coaching sessions where you learn to trust yourself more and better understand how to take control of your thoughts and what you can do to make your brain your best friend instead of your worst critic.

I never thought that the sessions with Niki would bring about so many positive changes in my daughter (13). My daughter is quite introverted and sensitive, which makes it difficult for her to deal with new situations and make contacts.

For example, since the start of the new season, she did not dare to go to football training sessions at a new promising club. I was looking for a therapy where my daughter felt comfortable and where they didn’t overanalyze or look for what she was doing wrong.

I was at the right place with Niki. Seeds were planted that first ripened invisibly but that today, 3 months later, still bear fruit. My daughter now confidently steps on the football field as the only girl among about 25 boys and with her fast football style commands respect from the bystanders.

Since the sessions with Niki, she also dares a lot more, such as going to the store alone, and she has become more assertive. In short, when I ask her what she has learned, the first thing she says is: “self-confidence“. It’s great that you can do that in such a short time!


Being Unstoppable

A 2 month exclusive 1:1 programme
Do you prefer to pay in parts?

Then we will discuss your payment plan together.

What to expect

Your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image get a growth spurt.


You take the reins of your future into your own hands with confidence.
You have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and what it will be like when you have achieved it.


Your head is calm and free, which improves your concentration and gets more done.


You have more energy and you shine.


I already have so much to do. What if I don’t take the agreed action?

Is that really the case? How much time do you spend grumbling at yourself, rejecting yourself and self-sabotaging?

When I made the decision to tackle it this way, it gave me even more time and energy instead of costing me.

I am afraid I will not be able to keep it up.

This fear is the protective mechanism in your subconscious mind is trying to protect you. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Fear of failure: What if you fail? What will your environment think of you if it doesn’t work out? And above all: What will you think of yourself? Chances are you’re afraid the failure is evidence of your subconscious fear that you’re not enough.
  • The consequences of success: What will your colleagues, family, friends, and partner think of you if you have less time, are there for them less often, are more successful than them, have more self-confidence and if you can suddenly stand up for yourself. Chances are you’re afraid they’re going to reject you. And what beliefs do you have about people who have achieved what do you want to achieve?

It costs so much…

Have you already achieved your dream or goal? Why not?

What if you’re on your deathbed in so many years and you’ve never made it? How much regret would you have for not doing it?

Shall we meet?

What customers say after just 1 RTT session:

“I’m doing things again that are good for me.”

“Since the first session last week I have already run 2 times. I’m suddenly looking forward to it. In the past, I would never have admitted to myself that I like to run.”

“I’m more really at home and I can enjoy myself more. I see more light in the darkness and I have more energy. Recently, I suddenly realized that I was just singing in the car again. That was a long time since I’ve done that!”

“I’m much less angry with my body.”

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