Rapid Transformational Therapy


A feeling will continue until it no longer needs to be felt.

– Marisa Pear
the feeling that cannot find its expression in tears will cause other organs to weep. Niki Van Oppens

What is RTT?

RTT or Rapid Transformational Therapy combines the best elements from hypnosis, CBT, psychotherapy, psychology, healing, and neurolinguistic programming (or NLP) to form a powerful, fast-acting formula that allows us to address the root cause of your insecurity, binge eating, procrastination, anxiety or depression.

As human beings, we always live within the boundaries of our beliefs, so when we have certain limiting beliefs about ourselves or about life, we see the result in our reality.

During RTT session, you observe yourself and these insights without judgement. At that point, it is relatively simple to let them go and when you have released those out-dated blockages, limiting thoughts and beliefs, you are more open to new beliefs that make you confident, motivated and happy.

Things you can talk about for years in talk therapy, you often discover with Rapid Transformational Therapy within one session. So this approach saves you a lot of time (and money) and the results are much better.

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What exactly is hypnotherapy?

The word hypnosis comes from the Greek word hypnos, which means sleep. Hypnosis ensures that your critical brain goes to sleep for a while, giving you access to your subconscious brain and discovering which experiences and thoughts hinder you from making the right choices in your life.

Hypnosis is a natural state of being that you experience in one form or another several times a day in your daily life. For example; just before you fall asleep, when you read a good book, take a nice long shower or when you sit daydreaming on the train. We consciously invoke this relaxed state of being during an RTT session.

Who invented Rapid Transformational Therapy?

RTT is a form of hypnotherapy developed by Marisa Peer, an English speaking and very successful hypnotherapist, who has developed and refined her own method over the past 35 years into a very powerful therapy.

Marisa Peer is a world renowned speaker, therapist and bestselling author. Marisa and her method have been awarded several times in recent years. She has been named Best British Therapist several times and is also in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors.

She has helped many celebrities, including Oscar-winning actors, rock stars, Olympic athletes, CEOs and even Royalty. Her Rapid Transformational Therapy has achieved validated results worldwide and has received accreditation in the US, UK and Australia, among others.

I am genuinely proud that I was trained by her and her team, both online and Live in Amsterdam, to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist.

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The construction of an RTT session

  • We immediately look for the origin of the problem.
  • We tell your subconscious why it is no longer relevant to maintain the problem.
  • We let go of the old, limiting beliefs.
  • We release trapped feelings.
  • We reprogram your subconscious with powerful suggestions and positive affirmations, which become your new beliefs.

Therapy is not just for depression or major trauma.

Often therapy seems to be only for people with severe mental or emotional problems. It’s possible, but it doesn’t have to be. Therapy can also help you with small things that annoy you or just make you insecure; a spider phobia, writer’s block, self-sabotage, feeling insecure about your body, feeling insecure between the sheets or in relationships, while generally living a very happy life.

RTT is actually a coaching session and therapy session at the same time and it is best described as guided meditation in which you actively participate. Sometimes there is laughter, sometimes there is crying, sometimes there is swearing and that’s all okay!


How we create lasting success

During the session we work on the cause of the problem. That is incredibly powerful and is absolutely necessary to solve it.

What ensures that it is also permanent, is that at the end of the session you will receive a personalized recording with exactly what you need. No recording is the same as it is based on what came up during the session and what you want to achieve.

You listen to this recording every day, for at least 21 days, after the RTT session. Thanks to the power of repetition, these personalized affirmations and suggestions are programmed into your mind and replace the old negative beliefs you had about yourself or about life.

When you think differently and you feel different as a result, you change your own biochemistry and react differently. You no longer subconsciously hold yourself back, you act differently and you achieve your goals with much more ease and elegance. Simply put, you are the person YOU choose to be.

Q & A

Is hypnosis harmful to your health?

No, on the contrary. Hypnosis is actually very good for your health. With hypnotherapy you clear blockages so that you will feel free and more confident, so that your physical body experiences less stress, becomes healthier and old complaints reduce or disappear.


Can you hypnotize only sensitive people?

Everyone finds themselves in some degree of trance at some point. Anyone can be hypnotized, including you. You just have to allow it. Hypnosis is a wonderfully relaxing experience that makes it all clear to you and you develop the power to improve existing patterns in a way that makes you and your life better.

As a hypnotherapist I use techniques that work effectively for almost all people. Powerful, self-confident or dominant people are also perfectly hypnotizable. Hypnosis is a natural state in which our brain waves are slower and into which we automatically descend at certain times of the day. Daydreaming is a form of hypnosis too. This is natural and normal.


Are you completely at the mercy of the hypnotherapist during hypnosis?

No, you have complete control over yourself. Being hypnotized against your will is not possible, I am only here to guide and help you. Even during hypnotherapy you remain in control of your full mental faculties and your own will to say ‘no’ to suggestions or commands from the therapist. Your ability to relax – guided by the therapist’s techniques – determines how deep you go into trance.


Do I have to be relaxed to get into a trance?

No, by focusing on a problem, you focus on one aspect of your total consciousness and you naturally go into a trance. Your mind will then no longer wander. For example, if you focus on your greatest fear, or sadness that lives within you, you will naturally enter a hypnotic state.


Can the hypnotherapist force me to tell my deepest secrets?

No, only you decide what you want to say. As a good therapist, I respect your privacy and also adhere to professional secrecy, which is my moral duty. Even without those details, RTT works and I can provide you with excellent guidance.

The only information I do need is how the unnamed details have affected you and how they make you feel.


How long does an RTT session last?

An RTT package always consists of more than one appointment.

Curiosity Call: During this call we discuss what you want to change in your life, how you want to feel and how I can help you with that. This call takes 15 minutes.

Intake call: When booking the intake call you will also receive the intake form. This saves us a lot of time during the call, we get to the core faster and makes the final result even better. This call takes 30 to 45 minutes.

RTT session: is the actual therapy part and lasts +- 2 hours. At this time, we can get to the heart of the problem and get real results.

The personal recording: I make it for you during the session or afterwards. You will receive this as soon as possible. It is important that you listen to this recording for at least 21 days, 1 or 2 times a day.

Follow-up: means that you are not alone for the next 3 weeks. Once a week we call or speak to each other via Zoom. I will answer all your questions and you can also be coached if necessary. This usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. During the last meeting we look at how far we have come, what is still needed at that moment or what you still desire.


What if I can’t come to the therapy room in Lint?

If Lint is too far for you or if you prefer to receive the therapy from your own sofa, we can do everything online on Zoom. RTT works just as well online as it does face-to-face. I currently do about half of the sessions via Zoom. It’s reliable, easy and free. Beforehand I will email you the instructions you need for a smooth therapy or coaching session.


How do I feel during and after the session?

During the RTT session you will feel comfortable and relaxed. What you experience during the session does not feel unfamiliar.
How you feel immediately after the session is highly dependent on how deeply the session has affected you. This is different for everyone: one person wakes up energetically and the other feels an intense deep feeling of reflection and wonder. You often discover even more about yourself long after the session. You always leave my therapy room (or Zoom) with a sense of understanding, freedom and strength.


Do you treat my data confidentially?

Absolutely. All clients can rest assured of confidentiality about any information they share in the session. This is in accordance with the professional code of conduct of RTT therapists. I destroy inactive files after three years to ensure total client confidentiality.