Dietless Life

Never go on a diet again,
feel confident in your beautiful body,
with a peaceful mind

Exclusive 1:1 program

Is this relatable?

The frustrations are mounting harder than you would like, you want to love yourself more but don’t know how. You try so hard to lose weight but you can’t maintain it or even start. The very idea of beginning on a new diet makes you feel hopeless and discouraged.

You hear your husband telling you that your body is beautiful, but you are not feeling flattered. You don’t feel it yourself. And secretly you know: if you lose those 10 kilos you still won’t feel satisfied with yourself.

energie, afslanken

It can be different!

Imagine that you start trusting your body (again). That you start trusting that it can lose weight, that it is beautiful, that it is strong and healthy. That you start enjoying the clothes you put on again, that you look in the mirror with pride and love, and that you can let your husband’s compliments sink in.

Imagine that the peace in your mind contributes to you being able to stop sabotaging thoughts…it’s all possible.

Where you are a year from now is a reflection of the choices you choose to make right now. Niki Van Oppens

Why me?

I have had a slow thyroid since birth and this inspired me to begin the quest at a young age.

How can I lose weight and have more energy? How can I increase my metabolism? What is the most efficient method and what can I sustain myself? How can I get rid of emotional eating?

Dieting turned out not to be a solution, so I started being educated by the experts. This confirmed my suspicion: counting calories and willpower won’t get you there. This goes deeper. Much deeper.

By working towards optimal health and building a positive relationship with your body, you will automatically start losing weight. Your fat-burning hormones will be boosted, your stress levels will be reduced, you will sleep better and feel better in your skin.

Niki - RTT therapist

Why health coaching on its own is not enough

After all this training on health, I was still missing something.

Because I was completely fed up with the feeling that my body and I were not good enough, that dieticians were telling me what still needed to be taken off my body. I was also fed up with the fact that whatever I did, my body was never good enough.

I wanted connection with my body, I wanted to take good care of it out of love and respect. I wanted to acknowledge it for what it did for me and finally stop the struggle with my body.

From that intention, I started working with hypnotherapy (RTT):

Loving and respecting you and your body, boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence, giving your body what it needs and eliminating what your body doesn’t like and tackling your subconscious saboteurs.

My method combines nutrition, exercise, stress management, lifestyle and the power of your subconscious mind to bring our mind and body back into balance.


This combination has enabled me to go through life radiant, confident and with a body I love. This could never have been possible without my strong intuition that always told me things could be different.

I know it is also possible for you to genuinely love your body and get rid of that excess fat without punishing you or your body with strict diets.

afslanken lukt pas wanneer je van je lichaam houdt en jouw lichaam met respect behandelt

What will we do together?


During this conversation, we create a clear picture of what you want to achieve and how you want to feel. This is where you step into your transformation.

2 RTT sessions

During the 2 RTT sessions, we work on the emotional blocks that cause emotional eating, overeating or why you cannot lose weight.

Health coaching

You will receive 6 sessions of health coaching to bring your body into balance. This will focus on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and your stress levels.

A month and a half ago, I came to Niki because my energy levels were so incredibly low.

Sufficient sleep, healthy eating and even exercise were not helping me. As a result, I was not taking care of myself: lots of snacking, no exercise, and whole days on the couch.

During the session, it turned out it was due to something completely different. Not something physical, but something mental. For a very long time I didn’t follow my heart, and although I have been doing so for six months, I kept feeling lifeless. Years of not doing what I really wanted to do exhausted me. And now that I was finally doing what I wanted to do, I had no confidence in myself, as if I wasn’t allowed to believe that my life was finally going the way I wanted it to.

Under Niki’s professional and warm guidance, I said goodbye to those old beliefs and thoughts.

This was clearly a process that took my mind and body some time to get used to, but since three weeks I have been overflowing with energy.
As if I am sitting on a cloud. I am exercising again, happy, eating what I want (mostly healthy), not sleeping much, but not really tired. And the best part: my relationship has blossomed and my project in terms of work/dream is going like fire. So smooth, so easy, so much fun.

Dear Niki, thank you for your help, your guidance and your gentle voice on the personal audio recording. I feel really great, finally!!!


What to expect

You start to love your body again
You start to crave really healthy food more and more
Getting compliments feels good thanks to your new self-esteem
Your head is calm and free, improving your concentration and getting more done
You have more energy and your body desires to be more active
Do you prefer to pay in instalments?

Then we can discuss your payment plan together.

When I started with Niki, I was emotionally seriously unbalanced.

Although I didn’t know what to expect from the therapy, I opened myself up to it completely because I really wanted positive change in my life. With great dedication, Niki guided the process from intake interview to hypnosis session to follow-up afterwards. Immediately after the hypnosis, I already felt the difference. I felt lighter and strong, it was as if a heavy ballast fell off me and I gained new enlightening insights. I am so grateful to Niki for allowing me to experience the power of RTT. Old doors closed and new ones opened for me. It was like a completely new start.

Thank you Niki for helping me transform into a new ME!

Lots of love



I already have so much to do, I dont have time.

Is that really true? How much time do you spend grumbling at yourself, comparing yourself to others, rejecting yourself and making food you don’t really support?

When I made the decision to do it this way, it actually gave me more time and energy instead of costing me. I get a lot more done in a day.

I’m afraid I won’t last.

This is a clear sign that somewhere you are a little afraid of the unknown and that others will judge you for making new choices that feel unfamiliar to them.

During this process, your self-confidence increases, allowing you to make choices that are right for you, and I help you to communicate this in a friendly way to those around you.

It costs so much…

It is much more expensive to pay with your health than with euros.

In addition, you will spend less on things you buy now to feel good very temporarily because soon you will have no emotional nor physical void to fill.

Will I like the things I am about to eat for a healthy lifestyle?

My whole process is designed to be as comfortable as possible for you. We look at what fits into your current lifestyle and to what extent it needs to be adapted in order for you to live the life you desire.

Let’s meet! 

What clients say

“I’m doing things again that are good for me.”

“Since the first session last week, I have already gone running twice. I suddenly feel like doing it. Before, I would never have admitted that to myself that I like running.”

“I am more genuinely at home and I can enjoy myself more. I see more light in the darkness and I have more energy. Recently, I suddenly realised that I was just singing back in the car. It had been a long time since I did that!”

“I am much less angry with my body.”

Free hypnosis for emotional eating

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