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Deeper causes of emotional eating

You recognise this?

After a whole working day, you finally come home. You’re tired, irritated by the little progress you’ve been able to make or by the traffic and you feel empty. You gave it your all today. When you look in the candy cabinet you see delicious chocolate, crispy chips, waffles and cookies… And you ask yourself, “What do I want to eat?” Chocolate? Hmm, no, not now. That’s for later. I’m going to take chips, they’re nice, crispy and give a lot of flavor.

See what happened here? In addition to the obvious need to eat something, you took a second break – and maybe you knew it before because you fantasized about it in the car – to feel what your body needed.

Did your body need what was in your candy cabinet? To certain elements, but not to the whole. For example, it may well be that your body needed salt, because real salt (Himalayan salt, sea salt, Celtic sea salt) is healthier than we think, but what our body does not need is the cascade of synthetic additives that are processed in those chips.

There are several roads that lead to Rome… Or the candy cabinet.

Our emotions are hungry too! Unlike our stomach letting it know in a calm way, it’s our emotions that go into battle. While your body needs salt, it’s your frustration that wants that crunchy of the chips, because there are stress receptors in your jaws. When we eat crispy and crunchy things like chips or hard cookies, these receptors help to temporarily dampen the stress a little.

The emotional hangover that follows, we don’t think about that at the time. Why is that?

These emotions and the reaction to nibble come from our subconscious mind. They are unconscious/subconscious programming. So these programs are under our conscious mind and often it’s too late for us to be aware of them and when we’re aware of them, that’s where the emotional hangover starts.

It’s only then that we realize: now I’m in that bag of chips again and I didn’t want to do that anymore… I want to be able to put on beautiful dresses and look beautiful again. I’ll never succeed like this…

You feel down, hopeless, helpless, and sad… And now you might take those waffles with chocolate or cookies. Things that melt away in your mouth and are sweet give us a comforting feeling.

This happens when your subconscious mind runs you instead of YOU running the whole thing. When you know how your mind, your subconscious, and your body work together, you can make conscious choices that create harmony.

What you really need at that moment

What you need in those moments are no chips, waffles and cookies.

❤️ What you need at that moment is that you can vent to someone who really listens to understand you (not to offer solutions) and a hug.

❤️ Or play with your dog(s) or children if you have one and give them a hug.

❤️ Just as well put on music and sing along.

You do not get an emotional hangover from this, you come back in harmony.

You can still eat something if your body needs salt, such as a smoked meat or a hard-boiled egg in Celtic Sea salt or Himalayan salt.

Deeper feelings

The above is about the light work on the surface. Let’s take a deep dive .

You may be frustrated by your colleagues, by the sheer amount of work you have, the work you couldn’t do because the server wasn’t cooperating, or by the phone constantly interrupting your work.

Maybe you are still upset by an angry or annoying reaction from a customer, or the lack of customers makes you despondent and desperate.

These problems are not the main problem. These are just triggers.

What is triggered is your feeling that you are not good enough. Because if you can’t work because the server isn’t working or because you’re constantly being disturbed by phones, it’s harder to show your employer or manager that you’re worth working there and you immediately assume that they simply don’t see your value.

What is triggered by an angry reaction from a customer is exactly the same. Despite the fact that it may well be that that customer just had a bad day or walks around triggered himself, you now feel that you have failed and feel that this is a confirmation of your internal feeling that you are not good enough.

And this is where it gets interesting, because on a conscious level you can know very well that you are good enough and that making a mistake is not the end of the world… But you still have that wry, internal feeling. And you take that feeling with you everywhere; to traffic, to home with your partner, when your parents call and to your candy cabinet… where you end up taking out a bag of chips and eating them empty.


That feeling that you’re not good enough affects your whole life:

  • You take fewer chances at work,
  • You don’t fully express your feelings to your partner, because you don’t want to be a burden.
  • You are a people-pleaser,
  • You bottle up your feelings,
  • You take less care of yourself (skin, clothing, structure in your life, financial stability,…),
  • You spend too much money on things that are actually not really important,
  • You are not really committed to your dream,
  • You don’t pay attention to your food or you snack too much, you eat away your emotions,

It shows itself in countless ways.

How can I help you with that?

With the Being Unstoppable trajectory we tackle the cause and solve the problem, whether this is about emotional binge eating, overeating or if you cannot lose weight despite your healthy lifestyle.

When we have found and solved the cause, we work on the practical where we create new habits and where you also learn to deal with your environment differently. Often our environment is one of the factors that makes it extra difficult for us to get rid of our fattening habits and is therefore an important part of the process.

Intuition also plays a major role. You learn to recognize your intuition and listen to it, so that you will better recognize what you really need and you will automatically eat less.

This allows you to…

  • Slim down naturally,
  • To keep it up, because it almost goes by itself,
  • Become optimally healthy,
  • Have a stable and loving relationship with your husband or boyfriend,
  • Walking around much happier without all those triggers,
  • Feel confident because you have regained control over yourself and your eating habits,
  • Love your body
  • Feel beautiful and sexy,
  • Feel confident in your bikini on the beach,
  • Even commit to your dream


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Set yourself free from the belief that you need food to comfort you - quote Niki Van Oppens - RTT, RTC, hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy, coach, weightloss

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