The main goal within Chinese nutrition is to create Qi (tsjie) and therefore life energy. This Qi ensures that you have enough energy for everything you want to do, whether it is about sports (any physical effort) or about working and studying (mental effort). Qi gives you energy in the muscles and gives you a clear head.

Chinese nutrition is not the latest trend at all. It is a working method that has existed for +4000 years and is still used today. The principles used are timeless and are applied throughout Chinese medicine. Here, nutrition is used both to maintain balance and medicinally, when an imbalance is present.

Within the Chinese food industry there is a lot of cooking (all ways of cooking), but it does not have to be complicated at all. It is also not necessary to go to the Chinese supermarket at all, because the principles of the Chinese food industry are mainly used and these are then applied to our local food.

It is possible for everyone and you can still invite friends to dinner. The Chinese food industry does not use calories, because these make no difference in how you feel. The food is prepared, with which herbs and the freshness of the ingredients, on the other hand. It may be Chinese, but our own logical mind can also handle this perfectly! For example, when you have caught “cold” and you have a cold. What should you NOT eat/drink? Cooling food and drinks!

In Chinese nutrition there is no general diet that applies to everyone, because everyone is different. For example, one responds less well to warming herbs and the other just needs more of it. It takes into account the season, climate, the flavors, our own constitution and current situation and in this way it is adjusted to you. I will also teach you the basics of the way of thinking and working so that you can also help yourself further.

5 elements
The five elements are also widely used in Chinese nutrition.
Deeper causes of emotional eating

Deeper causes of emotional eating

Deeper causes of emotional eatingYou recognise this? After a whole working day, you finally come home. You're tired, irritated by the little progress you've been able to make or by the traffic and you feel empty. You gave it your all today. When you look in the candy...

What is RTT?

What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy  A feeling will continue until it no longer needs to be felt. - Marisa Peer  RTT helps you with... Breaking bad habits Achieving your goals Believing in yourself again Improve your self-esteem Love yourself again Find yourself...

About Niki

I am Niki, 32, clinical hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist and Coach.

I am also a Dietless Life coach, Hormone Factor coach, mental coach and have studied Chinese nutrition.

The combination of a congenital thyroid problem and endless curiosity has set me on this hugely interesting path of personal development and health, and for that I am immensely grateful.

As a person…

  • I like to surf (in warm weather),
    I do my workouts mainly to get better at surfing,
  • I try to meditate every day and do at least 15 minutes of yoga every day
  • I am learning Portuguese
  • I have a small book addiction. Books on nutrition, health, the brain and personal development are among my favourites.
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