Who am I?


When I was born the doctors discovered there was something going on with my thyroid. Actually, the problem was that there was nothing going on at all. They even doubted whether I had a thyroid. In fact, there was little or no thyroid hormone to be found in my blood. After some tests, it was determined that I did indeed have a thyroid gland, but it was not working.

That’s where it started for me. Even in my 1st years, I was a bit heavier than my peers and this was an ongoing trend.

Almost all my life I have felt insecure, unable to make decisions and unable to claim my place. I always felt somewhat ‘unsettled’. Along with that, I always felt like the odd duck in the bunch and sabotaged myself on so many levels.

I was taught by my mentor that all our problems are based on 3 limiting beliefs:

  1. I’m not enough / I’m not worth it.
  2. What I want is unavailable to me.
  3. I’m different / I can’t connect.

I have experienced the impact of these 3 limiting beliefs in different areas and multiple moments in my life, and you probably have too.

After pursuing my first passion for dogs at 21 and launching my business as a dog groomer, as well as taking courses on dog behaviour, I started to delve into the conundrums that had occupied my mind for years:

  • Why is it so difficult to lose weight?
  • How can I help my thyroid, which has an important role in fat burning and blood flow, do better?
  • Why is it so hard to stick to it?
  • And why do we self-sabotage when we get close to our goal?

A coach once told me:Your assignment is your gift and your gift is your assignment.

In a span of 10 years, I attended one training course after another. I explored the topics of weight loss and fat burning from different directions: western, eastern, conscious mind and subconscious mind.

Now I have developed a method that combines the best of what I have experienced, seen and learnt, allowing you to slim down without dieting.


Niki - RTT therapist

It is my missionto give as many women as possible the control over their weight and health again, the power to love themselves and feel great in their bodies so that nothing can stop them from being the best version of themselves.

you can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf quote - Niki Van Oppens

My vision

Fighting your hormones is pointless. It is a battle you will never win.

The only way to get the body you love is to love the body you already have and treat it with love and respect. And when you are able to really love your body, your body rewards you in so many ways you can’t yet imagine.

I help you love your body again (or finally), treat it with respect, and restore your metabolism so you can achieve and maintain your ideal figure.

My method is not just about weight loss; it is about burning fat in a healthy way and without starvation. You are going to take control of your health and body.

Who am I as a person?


The sea is where I feel absolutely at home, carefree and free. Surfing is also the reason why I do workouts consistently, because you need to be fit for this sport.

body subconscious

I am 100% convinced that all the answers we need are actually already inside us, but we need to silence our minds enough to connect with our inner wisdom.

Book worm

Sorry, not sorry. I love my books! I mainly read books about our hormones, health, metabolism, our brain, achieving goals, money mindset, and so on.

Human brain connections illustration with abstract background and
Curious / Eager to learn

I’m always curious for what I don’t know yet. I always like to know how something works and how it got created.


Of course I love dogs! Otherwise I wouldn’t have launched a dog salon, of course. What I also do enjoy is when they join when I am doing yoga. They think it’s so funny and then I just join them in their enthusiasm.

Learning Portuguese

It was always my habit to learn a bit of the language when I went on holiday, so I did the same for Portugal. The incredibly helpful people, nature and the waves made me fall in love with the country and, as a result, I have been learning Portuguese at my own pace for a few years now.