Niki Van Oppens - Rapid Transformational Therapist & Coach, Dietless Life Coach

I help you get rid of your emotional eating and increase your metabolism naturally.

Is this relatable?

You’re a woman who is full of life, sensitive, wants to love her body, still eats that bag of chips until it’s empty, buys clothes a size too small, hoping this will force you to fit back into them and as a result
you hate what you see when you look in the mirror

You get up, you look in the mirror and you are disappointed in what you see.

It seems like you have gained weight again, even though you are trying your best to slim down.

You step on the scales and your courage is crumbling. You not only feel bad in your body but you also feel bad about yourself.

You try to be even stricter on yourself, but you are unable to do so. It seems more and more like punishing yourself and your body over something you seem to have no control over.

Where you are a year from now is a reflection of the choices you choose to make right now. Niki Van Oppens

I’m Niki

As a young woman, I decided that life is about much more than dieting and calorie counting. If countless people go from one diet to another because they have regained weight, the formula for success clearly has nothing to do with dieting.

In fact, dieting causes our fat burning to drop, rather than increase. We often see a lower number on the scales in the beginning, but in the long run it backfires.

As an ambitious woman, with a slow thyroid (and therefore a low metabolism), I knew I had to find another way. Therefore, I replaced following diets with taking courses, often directly from experts, to understand more about our health and metabolism and how we can positively influence it.

In this quest, I discovered that not only the physical is important, but also your beliefs and subconscious thoughts. Therefore, I combine my knowledge and experience about our hormones, the energy network in our body and the mental and subconscious aspect to rebalance your body and your emotional binge eating.

I really enjoyed working with Niki Van Oppens. She was genuinely concerned about my lack of energy. I felt motivated and inspired after the session. It was a very insightful and fulfilling experience. I have also seen a drastic improvement in my self-confidence at work and am able to solve problems more calmly. I feel much more motivated and have received positive feedback about the proactive work I have done as a result.

Choosing a path with Niki was the best decision I made and I can wholeheartedly say that I haven’t felt so clear, in tune with myself and happy in a long time. I would recommend Niki to anyone.


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